the year to come

After the post pandemic period of adjustment that was 2022, I want to dedicate my energy this year to creation. In 2022 I was learned to unburden myself from the external pressures of productivity - watching others around me, influencers, podcasters, personal development books, etc. I decided to stop nitpicking and trying to optimise the environment I was in and started to looked inward instead and reflect on what made me feel good.

This year, I'm taking the softness and space I cultivated in 2022 to my approach to work and my side projects. I want to further distance myself from productivity/self development culture and just work on what I please, when I please. I've realised that invisible weight of expectation and outcome (read discipline) that self help culture touts only hinders me. I just end up wasting energy and time trying to understand why I can't force myself into some regimented routine that worked so well for x, y and z.

Resurrected my blog and writing for the world wide web.
Travelled the art islands of Japan - Naoshima and Teshima. A life changing experience.
Travelled to Osaka, Nara and Kyoto - they were ok, I prefer Tokyo.