reflections on the last year

2022, was a year of recovery and emergence, for the world and for myself. My life in Melbourne regained stability and I even started to travel internationally. For the most part, I felt reinvigorated - to build, create and move in my life again. I experimented a lot with routine, productivity and habits. Through my yoga practice I also learned to rest, listen to my body and turn inward. I started writing at night, reflecting on my day sometimes writing poetry or drawing. I wrote a lot of code and built a bunch of side projects but this year they were fun. I wasn't trying to torture myself, I just built things I wanted to for a long while and probably made no sense to anybody else.

  1. In December I went skiing in Nagano at Hakuba
  2. My partner and I moved to Tokyo
  3. In November I went to Indonesia, it was great!
  4. Learned to Drive - yes it took me a while, I prefer public transport and my bicycle
  5. Started a daily writing practice, I've continued that and filled two notebooks
  6. Went to Sydney 4 times
  7. On Australia Day (Jan 26th) I went to an in person yoga class, I've been going ever since.